Our Story

Our story begins in the Heartland of America, a land of expanse, passion, and resiliency...

A land filled with lush green crops that extend their limbs towards the royal blue sky. A land where farms lay hidden between endless fields and the shimmer of light on grain silos, the only indication of their presence. It is here, nestled deep between the expanses of farmland, that the elk thrive.

Down a one-lane country road you will find a ranch where the elegant, powerful nature of the elk is matched by the grounded, resilient work ethic of seasoned rancher, and partner, Scott Groen.

Scott, alongside his wife, three kids, and two dogs, has invested every day, over the past twenty-five years, into raising the healthiest elk in the world. To Scott, caring for the elk is much more than a duty; his drive is rooted in respect for the animal and the continuance of his family's farming legacy.

Legacy. Few words hold as much power and history as that of legacy. It represents not only the work of the present individual, but also the tireless effort of past generations...

We have come to a point in time where the legacy of farmers and ranchers is at risk. With increasing fees, decreasing pay, and a lack of support, the Midwest is facing a tough road ahead. It is this realization that unified the Groen's and a passionate, business-minded, family out of Indiana.

With the help of friends and mentors, the Geddie's built a partnership with Scott to create The American Velvet Company. The American Velvet Company is an anomaly; a rare collaboration of business and ranching fueled by a passion for health and a heart for social impact.

For us, the American Velvet Company offers much more than a health supplement; it is an opportunity to continue legacy...

We built this company to aid in the growth of local ranches, to protect the narrow country roads tucked between fields of green, and to support the ranching families who have called the Midwest "home" for generations.

We believe our ability to positively impact lives starts with the velvet we put into each capsule. We promise to bring you 100% pure velvet, always.

With your support, we will work to provide the highest quality American elk velvet product that aids in your health, the future of ranchers, and the elk they raise.

Our story has just begun, and we invite you to be a part of our Legacy.

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