The American Velvet Company

Who We Are

The American Velvet Company brings you the purest and highest quality velvet on the market. Our velvet comes from only the tips of the antler (the most nutrient rich area), is hand-selected and artisan crafted using a 2,000 year old ancient eastern technique. This process ensures the integrity of the velvet while locking in important vitamins and nutrients. It is also the most effective curing method for whole body absorption and utilization while boosting over-all health and vitality. Our premium velvet has the highest level of efficacy and we guarantee you will feel and see a difference. 

Our Quality & Experience

The American Velvet Company has over 20 years of experience in the velvet industry. We are a family owned and operated company that strives to bring you only the BEST. 

Our North American Elk and our Elk Velvet are always tested for any type of waste disease or inferiorities and our strict quality control ensures only the best goes into our capsules. Furthermore, We work with our local vets and The Fish and Wildlife Association to ensure none of our animals are harmed during the antler extraction process. 


We are an American Company, with American Quality, always Made in America.