Who Can Benefit?

American Velvet is a supplement crafted for adults, 18 years or older. Of these adults, almost everyone will feel the benefits of our elk velvet. Elk velvet is taken to sustain or improve:

    • Muscle strength, recovery, & endurance
    • Function & protection of joints & cartilage
    • Neurotransmitters that heighten mental alertness & clarity of thinking
    • Healthy bone structure & creation of essential enzymes for building bones
    • Replace decreased levels of IGF-1 naturally produced by the liver

As an all-natural supplement, American Velvet feeds your body like a nutrient dense food. The synergizing of enzymes helps your body regulate system balances and prevents unregulated cell growth.


Elk velvet has been proven to improve muscle strength, endurance, and recovery. American Velvet can be taken as part of a regular workout / fitness routine to increase performance in and out of the gym.


Elk velvet has the highest content of IGF-1 compared to any other all-natural product. With velvet’s ability to increase natural IGF-1 levels within the body, it can restore and protect joint health, strengthen bone density, and improve blood circulation. Elk velvet can also be used to treat symptoms of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.


The combining forces of minerals and amino acids in elk velvet provide support for a healthy immune system. Compounds within our product can help reduce infections, promote production of antibodies, and maintain proper function of the immune and digestive systems.


American Velvet is not intended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 
American Velvet is a banned supplement in all NCAA sports, the NFL, NBA, & MLB due to the levels of IGF-1 found in elk velvet.